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Love Letter to Sneakers

What about the 98?

Beyond the Ball was created by Erica Molett, an African-American mother and CEO in Dallas, who wanted to ensure her son saw limitless potential for his future – both on and off the court.  Dreams of becoming the next Kobe Bryant or Lebron James often distract students from placing higher priority on their academic journey and career pursuits.  Yet, less than 2% of them will accomplish that dream.

So… what about the 98%? 

The Mission


Life beyond the game.

While the path to pro sports is unlikely for 98% of athletes, the love of sports can lead to innovative careers and entrepreneurship that keeps youth close to the game.

We have partnered with companies including Nike, the NBA, Overtime, Microsoft, FaZe Clan, Warner Bros, and more to introduce those career pathways and mentorship from industry leaders.

The Vision


- Leverage student interests in sports, gaming and fashion to increase their aptitude in STEM academic areas
- Elevate youth through innovative education and project-based learning that prepares them to break the cycle of generational poverty and change the world


- Collaborate with community stakeholders, non-profits and corporate partners to introduce opportunity, social engagement and mentorship to targeted students
- Design program model that can be scaled to reach thousands of youth, sustained with evidence-based replicability, and measured for impact


- Expose youth to exciting career pathways through meaningful interactions with the companies and brands they follow
- Inspire the future ambitions and social development of youth through virtual mentorship

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Our Awesome Team

Creators, Translators, Educators, and Advocates

Erica Molett

CEO / Chief Chaos Officer

“Changing the 🌎 one brilliant, world-changing kid at a time “

Adam Morrisey

Board Chair

Favorite sport is Basketball

Summer McAfee

Governance Chair

Favorite Sport is College Football

Eduvijes Perez

Governance Committee

Famous for fried plantains

Trey Mathis

Fundraising Chair

Passionate about growing future leaders

Rosa Clipper Fleming

Fundraising Committee

Favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry

Patricia Davis

Fundraising Committee

Favorite Sport is Shopping

Dr. Sean Garff

Programming Chair

Team Doctor for the SMU Mustangs

Reginald Johnson

Programming Committee

Works in basketball but favorite sport is football

Mondrick Jones

Programming Committee

Favorite cartoon is Pink Panther

Jason Jones

Programming Committee

Favroite cartoon is the Animaniacs

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